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Webcaster Master facilitates live event webcasting for organizations located in Chicago and the surrounding Chicagoland area. Your one stop webcasting shop, our company combines the latest in video and internet streaming with a highly talented staff to ensure your next webcast goes smoothly.

Webcaster Master understands that security is an important factor for many of our clients. That’s why, upon request, our webcasts can be supplemented with secure login screens, and advanced data encryption, to ensure that the only audience is the intended audience.


Why webcast?  Three Big Reasons


1) Live multi-camera webcasting is like having your own personal tv station, which allows secure communication in real time to the audience of your choice.

2) It allows senior executives to increase their visibility with shareholders, employees and customers in order to build confidence in company products and services

3) Significantly lowers travel expenditures and reduces the company’s carbon footprint.



We are always ready to help. You'll appreciate our rapid response.


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