Video Production


Chicago Videoworks is your one stop Chicago video production shop. Listed below are the various stages of the video production process and the services we can provide.


Pre-Production is where most production related difficulties take root. A solidly planned and organized pre-production translates to a smoothly run production. That’s why Chicago Videoworks prides itself with having a workforce that can take you through the entire production process. Some of the Pre-Production services we regularly perform include:

- Conceptualization

- Research, interview and transcription

- Script development

- Casting

- Creating a shooting timeline

- Scouting locations

- Organizing the set up on the day of production


Chicago Videoworks provides both in studio and on location productions. Here is a general list of production services you can choose from:

-Shooting in High Definition (HD)

-Up to 6 cameras

-Real time green screen preview

-Full rig Steadicam services

-Film-style lighting packages

-Teleprompter Services

-Wireless, wired and boom audio recording

-Mobile multi-channel audio mixing

-Remote or studio green screen capabilities


Reasons why Chicago Videoworks excels at the post-production process (video editing, video graphics, animation, special effects, etc.):

-Award Winning Editors

-Digital video capturing from all video formats

-4 camera real time synchronized video editing

-On-location, immediate turnaround videoediting for deadline projects

-Top of the line graphic design -Cutting edge 2D and 3D animation creation

-Computers built specifically for high definition (HD) video editing

-A wide variety of delivery formats to best supplement your needs


Different productions serve different functions. Chicago Videoworks can convert your video production into a wide variety of digital formats:

-Video can be delivered Digitally DVD or Blu-Ray

-Blu-Ray and DVD authoring, including menus and chaptered playback

-Single or mass video disk duplication

- Conversion into H 264, Flash, QuickTime and numerous other web formats

- Video on demand previews and reviews that can be streamed online

- Chaptered playback of electronic media and digital video

- HD ( 720p, 1080i, 1080p) video output

- Secure archiving of all completed video productions


Chicago Videoworks provides audio production as well, providing you with a one stop video production stop:

-Original soundtrack production and sound effects

-Audio recording and editing

-Complete audio sweetening capabilities




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