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Green Screen


Green Screen & Virtual Sets


By combining green screen with virtual set technology, we are able to provide you with expensive looking, state-of-the-art studio productions, at a fraction of the cost of actually building a set.
videos of how green screen technology works (our demos)
We have a library of pre-built digital sets that can be used as-is or customized with logos. We can also build virtual sets from scratch to your specifications using the materials and colors of your choice. Our green screen productions can be video recorded in our studio or on location. The resulting video footage can then be seen in real-time and broadcast over the Internet.


How does it work?


Green Screen, also known as greenscreen video and chroma key, is the process of mixing two images together in which a single color, usually green, is removed from the background and replaced with a new image. You might also have heard of this technology being referred to as Blue Screen. Here is a 3 step summary of how Green Screen works:

Step 1: Chicago Videoworks begins by filming the talent in front of a special green background. Using HD video, green screen productions can be performed in studio or on location using our custom green screen collapsible sets with daylight balanced fluorescent lights and a portable teleprompter (the teleprompter will make almost anyone look like a professional newscaster).

Step 2: The resulting video is then run through a computer utilizing the latest in chroma key hardware technology. One of our green screen technicians manipulates the video with green screen specific software and separates the talent from their green background.

Step 3: With the green backdrop removed, we place the talent into a new digital scene of your choosing. The new scenes can be as elaborate as one of Chicago Videoworks’s hi-tech interactive studios or as simple as placing the talent in front of a new background or company logo. Our process can be done with multiple cameras live or in post-production. The chroma keying process can be either software or hardware based. Strictly software based chroma keying requires rendering which takes more time and is ideal for more intricate productions. Hardware based allows for real-time viewing of the output and is good for multi-camera real-time productions.



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